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(Call or Text) 864-844-1249

All classes are taught using age appropriate music in a fun, positive, nurturing environment to build confidence in each child.

Baton Twirling

  • Baton twirlingis an excellent way of developing hand-eye coordination, rhythm, timing, poise and gracefulness, endurance, self-discipline, and overall total body coordination. Classes involve all aspects of baton twirling from fundamental tricks to advanced competitive combinations. Basic dance & flexibility skills are also included in all baton twirling classes.

Kinder Dance, Baton & Tumble

  • Kinder Dance, Baton & Tumble is a great combination class for the little ones. Students have the opportunity to try all of this in this fun fast paced class. Includes stretching, dancing, twirling, & tumbling.

Cheer & Tumble

  • Cheer & tumble classes include fun warm-ups, stretching, flexibility, tumbling skills, dance movements, dance/acro combinations, pom-pom, cheer motions, jumps & more.

Kinder Cheer & Tumble

  • Cheer & tumble classes include warm-ups, stretching, basic tumbling skills, dance movements, dance/acro combinations, pom-pom, cheer motions, jumps & more. This class is for ages 2-5.


  • Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. It provides grace, poise, and technique. Ballet/Lyrical classes are a combination of both dance forms to include a more expressive style of dance that also helps students  with posture, flexibility, fitness, balance, and more.!


  • Learn fun and current dance moves. Classes include various turns and leaps while focusing on proper dance technique. Students work on flexibility & strength and love this fun class.


  • Acro (acrobatics/tumbling) increases flexibility, strength, balance, coordination, endurance, timing, self-discipline, and confidence. Classes focus on proper hand placement and body alignment with emphasis on the muscles and flexibility required to perform & build acro skills starting with basics (variations of cartwheels, back bends) moving to more difficult skills (handstand, bridge kick-over, backbend from standing up, round off, front & back walkover & more.